Finally thanks to the collaboration between international experts with many years of experience in mushroom growing mushroom cultivation has become accessible to all those who have always wanted and that because of space or facilities have never been able to achieve it. The system consists of various modules which fit integrating in a perfect manner even with the possibly existing cultivation structures. No scientific knowledge is necessary because our organization will train the operators, starting cultivation and following technical support using all modern means of communication in Italian, English, Spanish, French.

The production system is aimed at customers who want to have production results safe and constant over time combined with very short deadlines for plant installation and start-up of absolutely certain costs.

Example n°1
The customer has no experience and has no building for the production of the substrate for growing mushrooms. In order to start the production should only be available in addition to the necessary raw material (straw, sawdust, etc.).

1) Water
2) Electricity
3) Natural gas or diesel, biomass etc.

The project includes the mixing and kneading and packaging module, the module sterilization and sowing and cultivation modules. The installation and commissioning of the modular system takes about a week of work of 2 people, after about a month after the end of the work will be able to collect the first mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). The technique of preparation of the personnel takes place before and during the installation of modules in order to optimize the timing and displacements avoiding waste of time and resources.

Example n°2
The customer owns buildings or equipment compatible with the cultivation of mushrooms It provides for the preparation of the project after a careful technical evaluation by inserting in the only productive context necessary to the production modules.